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Aviation Accident Summary DCA06WA004

Aircraft #1


Boeing 234

Factual Information

On November 7, 2005, a Boeing 234 Chinook helicopter, registered to the Taiwanese Air Fire Brigade as NA-603, experienced an elastomeric lag damper rod end failure causing severe damage to several helicopter rotor blades. The aircraft was on the ground at the time and no injuries occurred. The accident is being investigated by the Aviation Safety Council of Taiwan. According to Boeing, elastomeric lag damper rod end cracking is not a new phenomenon on the Chinook. The entire blade lag damper assembly is being sent to Boeing Pholadelphia for examination. The ASC is checking to see if Boeing Service Bulletin No. 234-62-1035 (Replacement of Blade Lag Shock Absorber Jam Nut With New Thin Jam Nut and Key Washer), dated March 15, 1993, had been complied with. Questions about this investigation should be directed to the Aviation Safety Council at telephone number 886 2 25475200 or fax 886 2 2544975.


Source: NTSB Aviation Accident Database

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