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Aviation Accident Summary CEN13CA475

Poteau, OK, USA

Aircraft #1


PIPER PA-28-180


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Factual Information

The 23-hour student pilot was attempting a soft field takeoff. He stated that he began the takeoff roll and applied full aft elevator control. As the nose came up and the airplane lifted off the ground, he lowered to nose slightly. He thought he may have applied too much left rudder because he noticed the airplane was headed towards the left side of the runway and grass. He reduced power and touched down on the runway. The airplane continued towards the grass. The pilot applied full power and the airplane continued the excursion. The pilot said he "froze" and was "just along for the ride." He could not recall any further details. The left wing, outboard of the fuel tank, was torn off and the right main landing gear was embedded in the right wing.

Probable Cause and Findings

The pilot’s application of excessive left rudder during the takeoff roll, resulting in a loss of directional control, his failure to correct the excursion with opposite rudder, and his failure to abort the takeoff in a timely manner.


Source: NTSB Aviation Accident Database

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