Aviation Accident Summaries

Aviation Accident Summary WPR21LA308

Reno, NV, USA

Aircraft #1




The pilot reported that, while climbing toward mountainous terrain and approaching a ridgeline, the airplane encountered a downdraft. The airplane was unable to outclimb the terrain, and too low to turn around, so the pilot elected to perform a forced landing to desert terrain. The airplane struck the ground, nosed over, and came to rest inverted substantially damaging the wings and fuselage. The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airplane that would have precluded normal operation. The pilot stated that he could have avoided the accident if he approached the terrain at a higher altitude.

Probable Cause and Findings

The pilot’s failure to maintain clearance from mountainous terrain prior to encountering a downdraft, which resulted in a forced landing and collision with terrain.


Source: NTSB Aviation Accident Database

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