Aviation Accident Summaries

Aviation Accident Summary WPR21LA338

Tillamook, OR, USA

Aircraft #1


BELL 206L-3


The helicopter pilot reported that he was on a low reconnaissance over a field in a canyon intended for agricultural application. During a climb out that was on a heading facing the sun, he lost sight of a previously identified powerline, and attempted to avoid it by referencing the two supporting powerline poles. As the helicopter flew closer, he located the wires and believed that the helicopter’s trajectory would clear the obstacle; however, the helicopter struck the powerline, the pilot lost control, and the helicopter descended and impacted terrain. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to the fuselage and main rotor system. The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical malfunctions or failures with the helicopter that would have precluded normal operation.

Probable Cause and Findings

The pilot's failure to maintain clearance from a powerline during a low reconnaissance, with sun glare.


Source: NTSB Aviation Accident Database

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