Aviation Accident Summaries

Aviation Accident Summary CEN22LA167

Hawley, TX, USA

Aircraft #1




The pilot reported that he landed and exited the helicopter and stood just outside of the door. The helicopter “picked up, spun around,” and knocked the pilot onto the ground. The helicopter came to rest on its left side resulting in substantial damage. The helicopter manufacturer had issued a safety notice SN-17 in 1984. The notice stated in part that the pilot should never exit the helicopter with the engine running and rotors turning as “the collective can creep up, increasing both pitch and throttle, allowing the helicopter to lift off or roll out of control.” The pilot stated that there were no mechanical anomalies with the helicopter that would have precluded normal operations.

Probable Cause and Findings

The pilot’s poor decision to exit the helicopter with the engine and main rotor still operating.


Source: NTSB Aviation Accident Database

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